pure products with a raw soul

n.u.s.k was born out of a desire to offer in-style and fair products without sacrificing style and quality.


Sònia Tebé is the head designer of n.u.s.k collection. After several years of experience in companies like Hoss Intropia and Sita Murt, the designer decided to launch her own collection.


During many years in fashion business, a feeling of non_conformity with textile industry started to grow.

The idea of building up a collection based on a slowed down design process appeared an exciting way to come back to fashion.


Main materials are organic certified cotton and wool. Occasionally some fabrics are dyed, the process is environmentally friendly and tested to ensure a natural respect for the health and enviroment.


Pure lines of garments come decorated by the application of details, most of them upcycled fabrics, like leather and deni. Materials are personally hand picked to ensure the right process is followed and the correct textils are used.

The process is completed by taking care for the manufacturing of all the garments.

All clothes are made in Spain.

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by wébico